Famous Astrologer in India

Famous Astrologer in India



Vashikaran is a Sanskrit word, which is actually a combination of two words – Vashi + Karan. “Vashi” means “to attract, entice and allure others”, to influence them, to keep them under one’s control and magnetic fold. “Karan” means “the methods of doing” it. Vashikaran, hence, is use of Occult science in which Tantric powers and mystical energies are used to control someone’s mind and regulate their thoughts and actions.

Vashikaran can be used in various ways:-

To improve professional and personal relationships with others.
To win favors from others, exert pressure and control over them, and get what you want from them, especially in one’s business/profession.
To create a good impression on others and create love and affection in their hearts and minds.
To improve your personality, increase your attraction, and draw people towards you.

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